“Luisa’s creative insights began to take shape immediately”


Ken Diebner | Career Coaching Catalyst | www.careercoachingcatalyst.com 

“Recently, I started a new business and needed a website to help market my company. My goal was to create a site that would have a classy look and feel and one that would convey an image of high quality and professionalism. As a new company, I needed a website that would help give credibility to my business and attract target customers. I had the vision but I had no idea of how to make it work until I met Luisa.

Luisa listened intently to my story. She asked a lot of thought provoking questions about my business and about my vision for servicing customers. She shared her own ideas about how we could capture and highlight the key elements of my business and she provided tangible examples of features and designs which she could incorporate in to the site.

Like a father giving his daughter the keys to his new car for the very first time, I nervously turned over the keys to my vision. To my delight, Luisa’s creative insights began to take shape immediately. Luisa captured the full depth and breadth of my business concept. She introduced ideas that enhanced my design and then brought it to life with crisp, clean images, rich professional colors, animation, news and social media links. She created a site strategy that allowed for easy navigation throughout the website and then create collateral marketing materials which complimented the website’s look. All along the way, Luisa communicated her progress and tweaked her designs to better fit my vision.

Tonight, I’m nervously perched on the eve of launching my new business but thanks to Luisa, I can do so with incredible confidence. Thanks to Luisa, my vision is now alive and the world marketplace is my audience.”

Ken Diebner | Career Coaching Catalyst | www.careercoachingcatalyst.com 

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    April 18, 2013


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