“…the era before Luisa and the era after Luisa.”

Early in 2012 we contacted Luisa Benevento from Benevento Designs to helps us with our new launched e-commerce. We knew from the beginning that to create a successful online presence we needed advantages beyond our unique line of items, especially when dealing with women’s fashion jewelry, so we decided to contact Luisa.
As most small business owners, our business is an extension of who we are, therefore a very personal matter. Luisa was able to understand our scattered ideas and put together our vision in an incredibly effective way. By simply chatting with us she got to know who we are and was able to transfer that thought into a complete redesign of our site, expressing and focusing on the strengths and advantages of our business model.
Since then Luisa has become an intrinsic part of our marketing efforts where she brings a tremendous amount of experience along with an open mind and an unique creative style that can only be found on true artists.
We truly believe that Luisa has made the difference to our small business and we are very grateful for the day we meet her. We like to think that our company has faced two distinct eras, the era before Luisa and the era after Luisa.Thank you

Milena Burnquist Ziober

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